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Duracell Batterie – Take Care of Your Electronic Gadgets

March 30th, 2009 No comments
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With technological advancement the market now could be seen packed with electronic gadgets. Starting from radios, flash cameras, handy cam, MP3 player, laptop, mobile phones etc. Duracell batteries have found their application everywhere, acting as energizer for their functioning. A batterie basically is an arrangement of electrochemical cells for the purpose of storage of electricity. Usually these cells store chemical energy which is further converted to potential energy thereby creating electricity. Batterie has become a source of power for many industrial as well as household applications. One of the world’s leading manufacturers of high performance primary batteries is Duracell batteries. Duracell batteries are of two types i.e. Primary & secondary batteries.

Duracell batteries optimize the performance of your appliance or gadget by providing long life. Available in both chargeable & non chargeable forms, Duracell chargeable batteries are anytime more economical than the primary one’s. The Duracell nickel-metal & lithium ion batteries are among the most advanced & highly developed rechargeable batteries available today. These rechargeable Duracell batteries provide a longer service life. Duracell’s inventive & pioneering batterie lines comprises of all the standard batterie sizes ranging from AAA to 9V. Depending upon their size & type Duracell batteries have found wide range of application from hearing aids, cameras to watches etc.

The Duracell batteries until the 1970’s were mercury based but keeping in mind the devastating environmental effects of mercury from the disposed batteries came into light the mercury batterie line was discontinued by Duracell. They are now lithium, zinc-air or alkaline based. Basically there are two lines of Duracell batteries firstly the “Coppertop” line which is common among buyers & are used for commonly used ordinary devices & secondly the “ultra digital” designed specifically to work in power hungry devices.

To increase the longevity of your Duracell batteries you must resort to some safety & care tips.

· Keep the batterie surface & batterie compartment clean every time the batteries are replaced.

· Your Duracell batteries should be properly inserted into the device with the proper alienation of positive & negative terminal.

· Avoid storing your Duracell batteries in extreme temperature conditions as by doing so not only the batteries longevity but at the same time its performance is also reduced.

· Avoid throwing your batteries in fire, they might explode.

· Never attempt to charge a batterie unless it is so specified.

• Remove & dispose worn out batteries from the equipments.

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