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Electronic Gadgets Help Children To Learn

March 27th, 2009 No comments
Jim Brown asked:

In the past, parents relied on chalk boards and pens and paper to teach their children the alphabet. With the help of electronic gadgets, a parent can now teach a young child so much more. Children have a variety of things that they can study on their own and only require the help of a parent when they need a machine turned on. These electronic gadgets have helped children prepare for school and many are ready to learn more when school is in session for the first time.

Some of the electronic gadgets that help children learn will operate through a video game system in the home. The teacher in these videos is usually an animated character that is sure to fascinate children and keep their attention trained on their studies for an hour or two. A child can be guided by a digital character on the television screen and that character will be waiting when a child gets up from a nap.

Some of the digital tools that parents can use to train a child are push button, hand held games that a child can use in the back seat of a car. These electronic gadgets are perfect for long road trips because a child is entertained with the programming on these devices. The electronic cards can be quickly changed out and another amusement can be started without any inconvenience at all.

Some electronic gadgets teach children to learn by using multiple choice test questions. This is the method that is most often used in schools and will serve to familiarize the child to testing in schools. By the time a child enters school for the first time they are better adjusted to a learning environment and view school as a fun place where exciting things are learned.

Some children learn to tell time with the help of an electronic clock. Many of these clocks are placed in plastics that are formed like characters like rabbits, turtles, and bears. These electronic gadgets teach kids to be responsible and to be punctual. A child also gets a chance to practice using electronic devices because they need to set the time that they wake up each morning.

Some kids like electronic gadgets because they are amusing. There are many forms of entertainment that use some sort of electronic device to operate them. Children can play outside and learn how to steer wireless automobiles that require a electronic chip to make them do tricks. While a child might learn the basics of driving an auto while using these electronic devices, they are also learning some quick responses because these vehicles do not always respond as someone might expect them too.

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Electronics in Our Lives

March 1st, 2009 No comments
Jim Brown asked:

Many of us may fail to realize the important role that electronics play in our daily lives. In fact, the invention of such electronic gadgets has somehow made our lives easier. It is just that with us being very busy going through the day with a lot of things on our mind and with work to take care of, we often fail to take notice and appreciate how convenient everything has become because of these consumer electronic goods.

Take a good look at your day and you will find quite a number of gadgets, machines and appliances that in one way have electronic parts in them. You are awakened by your electronic time clock in order that you won’t be late for your work. You hurriedly heat your left over from last night on your microwave oven for your breakfast. Since you still have some time, you eat breakfast while you turn on your television to watch the morning news. After which you gather the things you need to bring with you and you open your PDA to check on your daily schedule. You get you car keys and you drive in your car to work. On the way to the office you listen to some music by turning on the radio or putting on your favorite CD on you CD player. If you are the more technological driven type you bring along with you an MP3 player or an IPod. You get to your building and take a ride on the elevator while receiving a very important client call on your mobile phone. You get to your office and you turn on your computer to check your email as well as to make your report for that afternoon’s meeting. From these set of activities alone, one can see how electronics play a special and helpful role in our lives.

Electronics are used everywhere from the home, at work, in the government even for travel around the world and in outer space most importantly. Quite often we only realize their value in our lives when an electronic gadget gets damaged or when we experience a power failure for some time when everything seems to set in that without electricity and these gadgets we cannot do anything at all.

As more and more current inventions and electronic gadgets are flooding the market, each and everyone should learn to appreciate the convenience that these have offered to our daily lives. Who knows what they would think of next in the near future.

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