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Any headphones can be Bluetooth headphones with Jack

February 27th, 2017 Comments off

When Apple decided to strip its flagship phones of the headphone jack, certain people were angry. Those relying on the headphone jack for non-music things were grumpy, but so were those of us who had recently dropped hundreds of dollars on new, high-end headphones. Jack — a Kickstarter campaign in its final hours — offers reprieve to both groups.

The product is made by Podo Labs, which you may remember from two different stickable Bluetooth cameras, both funded very successfully on the Kickstarter platform, too.

“We were on the Highway1 accelerator,” Eddie Lee, Podo’s co-founder, tells me, and we’re doing a lot of work developing our own Bluetooth stack. When Apple announced they were going to remove the headphone jack, we looked at each other and thought — well, that’s something we can help with.”

The result is Jack. Jack is a simple Bluetooth device that helps music and podcasting fans reconnect with their phones, even if the headphones they love are encumbered with the ancient technology of “wires,” on which Apple so courageously declared its violent putsch.

I may have slightly disassembled Podo's Jack when I met the team. Whoops. Sorry, guys.

I may have slightly disassembled Podo’s Jack when I met the team. Whoops. Sorry, guys.

I tried out the Jack last week, and it delivers on its promise. Crystal-clear sound, easy to pair and the device is designed to be unobtrusive. The metal clip encircling its case could be mistaken for a tie clip. If anyone in the café where we met would have worn a tie, that is. Either way; design-wise, it’s simple and understated.

“We’re hoping to sell Jack at $39, eventually,” says Lee, “but for the Kickstarter campaign, we’re selling them for $29.”

The Jack has a couple of cool tricks up its sleeve, too. The Podo crew tells me you can hook several of them up to each other wirelessly, connecting them to several sets of headphones or speakers. Perfect for creating a tiny silent disco experience, I suppose.

“In theory, we can hook up an infinite number of Jacks to each other,” Lee says, before admitting that they’re not yet able to consistently do that. “On the Kickstarter campaign we are selling two of them as a buddy pack, because we’re able to get two Jacks to connect and work well consistently. We are optimistic about being able to do more than two, eventually.”

The Jack can work both as a receiver and a transmitter. The case for the latter is to add Bluetooth functionality to devices that typically don’t have it — televisions, for example.

I feel that Podo’s biggest challenge is going to be defending the price-tag; $39 may be worth it if you have a $500 pair of headphones you can’t use otherwise, of course. Nonetheless, there are cheaper devices already available — convincing customers to shell out more money may be a hard argument to make, even if Jack does prove to be higher quality with better battery life and snazzier design. That hasn’t stopped more than 15,000 people from backing the Kickstarter campaign with more than three-quarters of a million dollars so far, though, so what do I know.


Source: Any headphones can be Bluetooth headphones with Jack

Sony Cassette Adapter for MP3, MiniDisc, and Discman Players

July 31st, 2009 No comments
Sony Cassette Adapter for MP3, MiniDisc, and Discman Players
Product Sony Cassette Adapter for MP3, MiniDisc, and Discman Players
Manufacturer Sony
ASIN B00005T39Y
List Price $14.99
Price $11.95
Used Price $8.50
Product Description
The Sony CPA-9C cassette adaptor allows you to connect your minidisc or CD player to a vehicle cassette player. While this Sony product works best with Sony CD and MD players, the adaptor will operate with non-Sony products as well. There are a couple of key features to this adaptor which make it a fine choice. The first notable feature is the spring-loaded head. The head will automatically adjust itself to your vehicle’s cassette deck, ensuring that the two heads have optimum contact and transfer the best possible sound. The second key feature is the silent mechanism. A silent mechanism yields less operational noise and a better quality MD or CD sound. This adaptor works with all cassette players which require you to insert the tape opening facing the side. The mini-plug inserts into a portable CD or MD headphone jack. The cassette adaptor is a cheap way to make your vehicle CD and MD operational.

What’s in the Box
Sony CPA-9C Cassette Adaptor


Coby Portable MP3/CD Player with AM/FM Radio – Black (MPCD471)

March 4th, 2009 No comments
Coby Portable MP3/CD Player with AM/FM Radio - Black (MPCD471)
Product Coby Portable MP3/CD Player with AM/FM Radio – Black (MPCD471)
Manufacturer Coby
List Price $44.99
Price $31.00
Product Description
Enjoy your music on the go with the Coby Portable Stereo MP3/CD Player with AM/FM Radio and USB Port. Its modern, futuristic design highlights the top-loading CD player and its capability to play both audio CDs and MP3 CDs. Expanded connections include a USB port for playing MP3/WMA files from USB drives. Digital LCD display AM/FM radio Telescopic FM antenna Full-range stereo speakers 3.5mm headphone jack Requires 6 x C batteries (not included) 110/220V dual voltage Unit Dimension – 10.1 W x 4.6 H x 7.9 D

American Innovative Neverlate Executive Alarm Clock

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American Innovative Neverlate Executive Alarm Clock
Product American Innovative Neverlate Executive Alarm Clock
Manufacturer American Innovative
List Price $59.99
Price $59.99
Product Description
Ever since the introduction of the first and only 7-day alarm clock in December 2004, American Innovative has been logging feature requests and product improvement suggestions from our customers. Nearly every aspect of the neverlate executive is fully customizable. We’ve introduced the concept of alarm banks – three in all. The two 7-day banks provide two, completely independent seven-day wake schedules – his and hers for example. In addition, we’ve included a daily reminder bank. We are also pleased to introduce the first-ever preferences menu in a clock radio. Everything from the backlight brightness, to the alarm duration is fully adjustable. Wake to NPR news at 7:00am weekdays, your Saturday morning talk show on a different station and the buzzer on Sunday. There’s no other clock radio in the world with this capability. Line-in, headphone jack and more – a powered USB port on the back accommodates an electric fan or laptop boom lamp. Each time you hit the snooze button the snooze time is cut in half until finally the neverlate executive won’t let you snooze any more. You can even disable the tempting snooze button.