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Rechargeable Battery: an Environment Friendly Battery for Electronic Gadget

March 31st, 2009 No comments
Article Manager asked:

With the wide use of all sorts of electronic gadgetry items the invention of battery seems to be the most useful innovations of the modern time. Especially the invention of rechargeable batteries has given us freedom from the traditional alkaline batteries, which are highly unreliable. Rechargeable battery is indeed the better option as compare to the alkaline battery because they are better in durability and performance. The major difference between an alkaline battery and rechargeable battery is that when they have to be replaced, one has to be bought new while the other can be recharge and use it again.

Rechargeable batteries are cheap as they do not have to be regularly bought instead they can be reused after charging it. Use of electronic gadgets is increasing day by day and today even most of the children toys run on battery. So in order to avoid buying of new battery every now and then it is better to use rechargeable batteries. These batteries have made our work easier as they can be easily recharged and used instead of buying a new alkaline battery. All the leading battery manufacturing company manufactures rechargeable battery.

Rechargeable batteries are available in sizes AA, AAA, C, D and 9V. These rechargeable batteries can deliver many benefits and are intended for everyday use just like the alkaline batteries. One major benefit of rechargeable batteries is that they can be recharged and reused hundreds of times and its performance outperforms the alkaline battery of leading brands. Another advantage of using rechargeable batteries is that they are environmentally friendly than the alkaline batteries. Studies show that recycling is only an economic initiative and over 90% of lead acid batteries are recycled because of the economic costs of lead.

Rechargeable batteries are used in many electronic devices like laptop, digital camera, camcorder and remote control. Different type of rechargeable battery is used in these devices based on their uses and applications. Battery that is available in the market are nickel metal hydride, which is the most preferred choice for cell phones, camcorders, digital cameras, and other personal electronics. Nickel cadmium costs less and provides the same voltage levels through the entire life, hence, used in toys and electronic devices. Lithium ion is among the newest advances in technology. They have more capacity and prove expensive than other types.

Environmental friendliness has always been into account for the entire life of rechargeable battery from mining to manufacturing, shipping, use and disposal. One thing is sure, for every rechargeable battery use, 100 or more disposable alkaline batteries are being saved from going to the landfill.


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Electronic Gadgets Famous to Teens

March 26th, 2009 No comments
Sushil Kumar Singh Raghav asked:

I know from experience that my teen wants every electronic gadget that is out there. There are so many to chose from and they are so similar even. There are just different makers and they look slightly different. One popular gadget is the iPod, this being popular with teens, adults, children, everyone. My daughter has been begging for one of these, this also being one of the more expensive gadgets to buy and the one that I would be most upset about if she lost! The iPod being great though because of the capability to load tons of music onto it and take it everywhere. But again, the easiest one to be lost or stolen.

Another gadget that teens want are cell phones, I’ve already given in and bought one for my daughter. She now wants one that takes pictures and has Internet capabilities. I have not gone that far yet, however having a cell phone is the ideal teen item. All teens want one and so many already have one even. The pricing plans vary and my daughter so far has stayed within her minutes. We added her to our family talk plan, so the increased cost wasn’t too much, compared to getting a completely separate line. The phone a lot of times can be received for free through your cell phone provider to further cut the cost of getting your teen a cell phone. All teens want and I think parents too, is the Nintendo DS and the Game-boy Advance.

My daughter has both of these, every teen wants one of these because they are able to link the games up to other users and then text message back and forth and play games together. Also, Nintendo Dogs and Nintendo Cats is still the most popular games out there for these hand held, portable game systems. Teens want these because if they don’t have a cell phone or can not use one at school they can use these to text message, draw pictures to one another, and play the games against each other. These are small, but expensive and so are the games.

But the graphics are really good and the cases come in different colors and there are lots of accessories to go with the game systems. lastly, teens definitely want the Nintendo Wii, PlayStation 3, or the X-Box. The systems are much more expensive, even more so than a cell phone. But, they can play DVDs on all three, so if you do not have a DVD player you could always use one of these game systems as one. Every teen wants these, especially the Wii, because of the inter-activeness of the system and the very cool games that offered.

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How to Sell your New Electronic Gadget

March 21st, 2009 No comments
Michael C. Podlesny asked:

I am walking through the store the other day with my wife and notice a little blast from the past, specifically from my childhood. It was a handheld electronic football game. They had one on display to test out, so me being the curious consumer that I am, I want to make sure the game was ok, before I decided to buy it.

So I turned it on, and the game started beeping and playing a tune in that old eighties style of electronic sound my generation got used to. Just like the game I remember, there wasn’t much to it, when you compare it games of today. It has basic functionality with limited playing ability, but boy was it fun.

Kids today wouldn’t even look at that game, but for a whole generation of people that at one time were kids, namely my generation, it is an electronic gadget that I immediately gravitated towards.

Maybe you have an idea for a hot new electronic gadget, or to reinvent one from yester year. Whatever the goal may be there are a variety of ways you can sell them. You should however write down specific steps on what exactly you are trying to accomplish.

Write down your specific target market that your game appeals to. In my experience above, that game appealed to young boys from ages 10 to about 13.

Find out where your target market frequents. This is where you want to concentrate your advertising and marketing efforts. You do not want to waste your time putting your electronic gadget up for sale in a store where very few of your target market members visit, or post online in a category that is not relevant to what the gadget is.

Define what attracts your target market to the product you’re selling. For me it was the fact that the electronic gadget was a way to relive the past. That is exactly how they presented it. It was a game to relive days gone by, and conjure up some good old memories.

Create your promotion, advertising, marketing campaign, and sales pitch around what you have already written above. Whether you are posting an online advertisement, or trying to pitch your idea to a store, you need a clear, professional presentation of what you are selling, and what you are trying accomplish.

Post your online advertisements, set up your displays in the stores and sit back and start taking orders. Well you really won’t sit back, you will be a bit more outgoing and aggressive to get the product out there, but the point is you can now concentrate on selling your product to your target market that you already defined.

There are thousands of electronic gadgets and gizmos on the market today. Some are very helpful and some are fairly worthless. If you have a good product, that is useful for the purpose it was intended, you should have no problems, making lots of sales.

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Protect Your In-car Gadgets and Save a Packet

March 20th, 2009 No comments
Simon Christopher asked:

Metropolitan Police statistics from 2007 show that gadgets like sat nav units and mobile phones have become big money for car thieves. And with harder financial times ahead for many, this area of crime is likely to increase.

According to those figures, theft of sat navs from vehicles rose 154% between April 2006 and April 2007 – that’s more than double. And sat navs aren’t the only gadgets attracting thieves to your car. MP3 players, DVD players and digital cameras are among the items most often reported stolen from vehicles.

The worst part of losing your sat nav or DVD player from your car is that it will usually end up costing you far more than just the cost of replacing the gadget. You’ll also be paying for the cost of repairing broken windows or popped locks, or however the thief gained entry to your car. If you make a claim against your car insurancepolicy for the repairs and replacement, you could lose your no claims bonus and may face higher premiums for years to come.

Knowing all this, you’d think that the savvy driver would take measures to avoid putting out a welcome mat for thieves, but surveys point to the opposite. An industry survey showed that an incredible 96% of drivers regularly leave their electronic gadgets in their cars when they park them. As if that’s not bad enough, an unbelievable 1 of every 3 drivers surveyed admitted that they leave their gadgets in full view inside their vehicle. The results? An incredible 21% of drivers surveyed – more than one in every five – have had at least one electronic gadget stolen from their vehicle.

Mobile phones, sat navs, MP3 players and other electronics are a veritable treasure trove for today’s brand of thieves. They’re often left in full view on the front seat or dash of a car. It’s only a matter of seconds for an opportunist to break a window and be off with your sat nav tucked into a pocket or under a shirt. Those goodies are easy to steal and easy to sell off, since they’re in such high demand.

Save Your Sat Nav – And Some Cash

One UK car insurer isn’t taking the situation laying down. At, the UK’s only completely online insurance company, they’ve added a new cover option to their car insurance. For a small extra premium of around £30, you can purchase gadget cover when you purchase their car insurance. The small gadgets cover will replace your in-car items if they’re stolen from your car or damaged accidentally. That’s a cheap price to pay to cover hundreds of pounds worth of equipment that you might use every day.

The small gadgets cover from will cover items like mobile phones, PDAs, satellite navigation systems, MP3 players, safety camera locators, portable games consoles, digital cameras, camcorders and portable DVD players.

Of course, the best form of protection is prevention. Before you get out of your car, make it a practice to pick up any gadgets on your dash or seats and stow them in the glove box or the boot. That one simple habit can reduce your chances of being a smash-and-grab target dramatically.

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Tips to Choose your Next Electronic Gadget

March 20th, 2009 No comments
Elhusseiny Shahin asked:

There are many cool electronic gadgets on the market, not all of those are ideal for daily uses, I will give you some information on how to select a good electronic gadget that perfect for your daily uses.

Something like mp3 player will be a very good gadget for your daily uses. By that player you can enjoy your music anywhere and anytime, let your digital mp3 player do everything for your enjoyment. The mp3 player should be small and with a light weight. It is always a great idea for th next gadget.

You next mp3 player can be combined with sunglasses to add a very cool function for your sunglasses, by this great gadget you can protect your eyes while enjoying your favorite music and songs, it is really a cool gadget for your enjoyment, I recommend you to try one of those.

Another gadget that will make you feel good is the mp4 player watch, which can easily play a complete film, only by your mp4 watch you can watch a complete film anywhere, it is very exciting gadget, You can also use it to play your personal clips, songs etc..

The last one I will mention here is the photo frame, it works like magic to display your photo with high resolution, it can compatible with TVs, DVDs, PCs, Laptops and other electronic equipments, take your time to find another cool gadget for the the next buy.

I suggest you to search for these cool gadgets online. Nowadays, it is very simple to do shopping online.

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Cellular Phone Covers Add Appeal To An Electronic Gadget

March 15th, 2009 No comments
Corbin Newlyn asked:

In everything we do these days there is some sense of fashion involved. In the past it only meant the style of your clothing however these days it touches just about every aspect of our lives (ie – what shoes to wear, the belts we have on, watches, jewelry, the way we comb our hair and even what kind of cell phone we carry. Rising to the occasion people in the cellphone industry have introduced covers or faceplates for cell phones, as they are widely known, to match almost anyone’s taste for fashion.

Cellular-Phone Cover Advantages

The younger generation, especially the female members, always take particular interest in how they dress up and they have very particular tastes when it comes to having all their accessories match, such as bags, scarves, shoes and also what not to wear. Since cellular phones are so pervasive and are a must-have accessory for just about everyone, its ability to ‘match’ to the style and clothes of the owner has also become a matter of particular interest.

Responding to this concern and demand from the consumer, the market produced and made available faceplates and matching cellular phone covers for practically every model of cell phone available. Because there is so much diversity available in the designs for accessories for cell phones these days you can not only match the color but also whatever particular style for that cellular-phone model.

The Benefits of A Cellular Phone Cover

In addition to having the perfect match, there are numerous other advantages that you can benefit from by using cell phone covers:

1. It’s plenty of fun — there is a windfall selection of funny designs for the faceplates to suit every mood. There are smiles, you can buy one that has your favorite cartoon characters, flowers, fruits and more as a faceplate, which will more than likely make you giggle on the inside every time you look at your cell phone.

2. Excellent party accessory — if you happen to have a formal party and you have an elegant jewelry type cellular phone cover it turns into a great accessory to help enhance your style.

3. Helps to give your old cell phone a facelift — when you scratch your mobile phone, or if it’s faded and old, you can immediately ‘rejuvenate’ it with a brand-new cellular phone cover. The thing is with these covers is that they’re inexpensive and you won’t have to pay a small fortune for them; so by spending a tiny fraction of the cost, you can virtually have a brand-new cell phone in a snap.

4. Great protection for your cell phone — these faceplates have many different materials that they are made out of. Some materials are exotic whose primary purpose is cosmetic enhancement. However, some of these faceplates are made of unbreakable fiber/plastic, which in addition to adding to your phones visual appeal, it will also protect it from shock and moisture and from falling.

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Electronics in Our Lives

March 1st, 2009 No comments
Jim Brown asked:

Many of us may fail to realize the important role that electronics play in our daily lives. In fact, the invention of such electronic gadgets has somehow made our lives easier. It is just that with us being very busy going through the day with a lot of things on our mind and with work to take care of, we often fail to take notice and appreciate how convenient everything has become because of these consumer electronic goods.

Take a good look at your day and you will find quite a number of gadgets, machines and appliances that in one way have electronic parts in them. You are awakened by your electronic time clock in order that you won’t be late for your work. You hurriedly heat your left over from last night on your microwave oven for your breakfast. Since you still have some time, you eat breakfast while you turn on your television to watch the morning news. After which you gather the things you need to bring with you and you open your PDA to check on your daily schedule. You get you car keys and you drive in your car to work. On the way to the office you listen to some music by turning on the radio or putting on your favorite CD on you CD player. If you are the more technological driven type you bring along with you an MP3 player or an IPod. You get to your building and take a ride on the elevator while receiving a very important client call on your mobile phone. You get to your office and you turn on your computer to check your email as well as to make your report for that afternoon’s meeting. From these set of activities alone, one can see how electronics play a special and helpful role in our lives.

Electronics are used everywhere from the home, at work, in the government even for travel around the world and in outer space most importantly. Quite often we only realize their value in our lives when an electronic gadget gets damaged or when we experience a power failure for some time when everything seems to set in that without electricity and these gadgets we cannot do anything at all.

As more and more current inventions and electronic gadgets are flooding the market, each and everyone should learn to appreciate the convenience that these have offered to our daily lives. Who knows what they would think of next in the near future.

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Giving Gadget Gifts, Take the Pain Out of Shopping for Dad

February 22nd, 2009 No comments
Rose Li asked:

Is shopping for your father a long, painful process? Do you find yourself sweating every time Fathers Day, Christmas or your dad’s birthday arrives?

Why not get him an electronic gadget? What else has as much guy appeal yet can serve so many diverse functions?

The range of cool gadgets on the market today is incredible. It doesn’t matter if your father is interested in the outdoors, automotive restoration and maintenance, computers, travel, photography or arts and crafts there’s sure to be a gadget available for him.

In fact, the latest gadgets make popular presents. Gadget gifts are the third most likely to be purchased after CDs and clothes on fathers day in the US according to the National Retailers Association.

So what makes gadget gifts so popular?

When considering which gift to get it is very difficult to get past the novelty factor of new gadgets. This novelty factor is so strong that it is hard for gifts like clothing or photo frames to compare.

New electronic gadgets, particularly strange gadgets or unusual cool gadgets, also create conversations and give fathers something to talk about with friends or colleagues. When was the last time you heard your father talk about his latest shirt?

Gadgets also appeal to men particularly because of their ability to create something or solve problems. It is this benefit that perhaps adds to the attraction of gadgets so much that there is a wide range of gadgets for men.

Don’t just get bland socks or a generic CD for your father on his birthday or Fathers Day. Watch his face light up with joy by getting him some cool new gadgets.

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Electronic Goods: Find Them Online

February 22nd, 2009 No comments
Jayson Pablo asked:

Imagine a world without electronic goods? It seems that impossible even to think about that because we are so much dependent on these gadgets that seem incomplete without them. Life seems quite overpowered by these electronic goods that have completely overpowered our lives. Just take a moment off from your life to view the influence of our lives. Enter your kitchen to find the microwave oven, food processors that are an inevitable part of your kitchen. Then come to your living room, your television, home theatre system (if you have one), music system and so many other such goods like washing machine, DVD players and numerous other things.

These electronic goods are so convenient and they have really made our live easier. All the major and the most reputed brands are innovating and making these gadgets so that our lives become more comfortable than before. The major and widely reputed brands like Sony, LG, Samsung, Whirlpool, Videocon and so many others have made their reputation as giant players in the global markets due to their state of the art products that have made lives better and their popularity never gets mitigated. The consumers are always looking for a good replacement for these products as the technology and the fashion always keep on changing in this field as well.

These electronic goods can easily be found on the several online shops, however, it is recommended that you can shop for these goods only from a comparison shopping store, as it would give you a fair idea regarding all the deals that are available in the market. You can pick the best amongst these deals in accordance with your budget and requirement. So, there is no need to undertake a strenuous exercise to find an electronic gadget from the high street shop, but you can discover all of it through the World Wide Web.

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Buy Electronic Items Whole Sale; Increase your Profits

February 17th, 2009 No comments
Jayson Pablo asked:

Perhaps one of the best ways to buy cheap electronic products is through a wholesaler, be it for business or personal use. However finding a cheap and best electronic items wholesaler is a hard accomplishment for retailers and buyers.

But today, with thousands of wholesalers scouring the Internet for selling products and finding suppliers, consumers and retailers are left with a wide range of options. Purchasing electronic items online like mobile phones, laptops, computers and iPods can be a promising means one can adopt to lower down his expenses.

For making huge profits, a retailer should keep in mind that he ought to have a high turnover. Again, even though the wholesale rates of electronic items are quite cheap compared to its retail price, they are not that cheap as people assume to be. The case may not be like selling a digital camera of retail price $1000 and making a profit of $ 500.

People can think of making little profits by buying an electronic appliance from a wholesaler, only if he adopts a careful strategy of selling that particular electronic gadget. Since there are many retailers providing the same electronic gadget in affordable prices, the competition is fierce and so the profit margin is very less. The best thing a retailer can do is whenever he buys a wholesale electronics, he should think of making a profit of some $30–$50 dollars than trying to reap all the harvest in a single day.

No doubt, buying wholesale electronic products for your business gives you enough scope for making profits, even than you should be careful about certain factors, such as before buying wholesale electronics you should compare and ensure that you are getting a reliable and economic deal, and ensure that even after spending for advertisement you still have a room for profit.

Again in making profit by retailing electronic products one should also be aware of the market trends and enough research is to be done so that he can sell a enough numbers in a day to bring him high profits. Also the pricing and advertising strategies matters a lot in giving better profit in selling electronic items. Anyway, buying electronic goods wholesale for business gives enough scope for making profit, but above all what matters is the marketing strategy and effort.

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