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Xantrex Technologies 851-0178 XPower 175-Watt Micro Inverter

May 11th, 2009 No comments
Xantrex Technologies 851-0178 XPower 175-Watt Micro Inverter
Product Xantrex Technologies 851-0178 XPower 175-Watt Micro Inverter
Manufacturer Xantrex Technologies
List Price $44.99
Price $23.84
Product Description
The Xantrex Technologies XPower Micro 175-watt inverter transforms your vehicle’s electricity so you can power your electronic devices while on the road. Compact and lightweight, it simply plugs into the 12-volt DC outlet in your vehicle to power cell phones, camcorders, small portable stereos, laptop computers, 13-inch TVs, portable work lights, and more. It includes an automatic shutdown feature to protect against overload, over-heating, and high/low battery condition. This durable plastic unit is just 1.9-by-2.9-by-4.8 inches in size and weighs 0.38 pounds. It is covered by a 1-year warranty.

Clear 12V Triple Car Cigarette Cigar Charger Adapter

April 14th, 2009 No comments
Clear 12V Triple Car Cigarette Cigar Charger Adapter
Product Clear 12V Triple Car Cigarette Cigar Charger Adapter
Manufacturer HottestDealsEver
List Price $19.99
Price $3.95
Product Description
Quickly connect up to three separate electronic devices at once in your car. Compatible in all vehicles with a 12V socket. Output: 5A. For use with cell phones, CD players, computers, MP3 players, radar dectectors, televisions, gaming systems and more.


Rechargeable Battery: an Environment Friendly Battery for Electronic Gadget

March 31st, 2009 No comments
Article Manager asked:

With the wide use of all sorts of electronic gadgetry items the invention of battery seems to be the most useful innovations of the modern time. Especially the invention of rechargeable batteries has given us freedom from the traditional alkaline batteries, which are highly unreliable. Rechargeable battery is indeed the better option as compare to the alkaline battery because they are better in durability and performance. The major difference between an alkaline battery and rechargeable battery is that when they have to be replaced, one has to be bought new while the other can be recharge and use it again.

Rechargeable batteries are cheap as they do not have to be regularly bought instead they can be reused after charging it. Use of electronic gadgets is increasing day by day and today even most of the children toys run on battery. So in order to avoid buying of new battery every now and then it is better to use rechargeable batteries. These batteries have made our work easier as they can be easily recharged and used instead of buying a new alkaline battery. All the leading battery manufacturing company manufactures rechargeable battery.

Rechargeable batteries are available in sizes AA, AAA, C, D and 9V. These rechargeable batteries can deliver many benefits and are intended for everyday use just like the alkaline batteries. One major benefit of rechargeable batteries is that they can be recharged and reused hundreds of times and its performance outperforms the alkaline battery of leading brands. Another advantage of using rechargeable batteries is that they are environmentally friendly than the alkaline batteries. Studies show that recycling is only an economic initiative and over 90% of lead acid batteries are recycled because of the economic costs of lead.

Rechargeable batteries are used in many electronic devices like laptop, digital camera, camcorder and remote control. Different type of rechargeable battery is used in these devices based on their uses and applications. Battery that is available in the market are nickel metal hydride, which is the most preferred choice for cell phones, camcorders, digital cameras, and other personal electronics. Nickel cadmium costs less and provides the same voltage levels through the entire life, hence, used in toys and electronic devices. Lithium ion is among the newest advances in technology. They have more capacity and prove expensive than other types.

Environmental friendliness has always been into account for the entire life of rechargeable battery from mining to manufacturing, shipping, use and disposal. One thing is sure, for every rechargeable battery use, 100 or more disposable alkaline batteries are being saved from going to the landfill.


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Recycling Common Electronic Gadgets

March 30th, 2009 No comments
Rob Pirozzi asked:

by Rob Pirozzi

Modern life is full of electronic gadgets. Cell phones, digital cameras, camcorders, MP3 players, computers, laptops, monitors and more are common in all modern households. These modern electronic devices provide entertainment and help us in many ways. The problem with them is that they wear out or become obsolete, and then we are faced with the challenge of how to dispose of them.

Simply throwing electronic devices in the trash may be 1 option, but it is an option with a significant environmental impact. According to the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), over 200 million tons of electronic waste (e-waste) ends up in landfills every year. The problem with this is that many consumer electronic items contain harmful materials such as lead, mercury, arsenic, cadmium and more. These materials can pollute the land, water, and air. In fact, according to Earth 911, over 70% of toxic waste found in landfills comes from e-waste.

Some items, such as computers and computer monitors, are banned from landfills and curbside trash pickup. In some states and municipalities, it is illegal to simply throw away such items. So the challenge is twofold, how to dispose of properly to comply with applicable laws, or how to dispose of properly because it is the environmentally responsible thing to do.

Most people are familiar with the recycling of cans, glass, paper, and plastic. They either take it to designated recycling centers at their landfill, or transfer station, or they are picked up through curbside recycling efforts. When it comes to recycling our electronic gadgets, the task becomes significantly more difficult. Unlike cans, paper, plastic, and glass, there is typically not curbside recycling for electronic devices. You also typically cannot simply take such items and leave them at the landfill or transfer station. Thus, recycling our gadgets requires some thought and effort. It is important to know your recycling options for common electronic items.

Reuse Electronic Devices through Donation

An excellent option for electronic gadgets that are still in working order is to donate them to someone who can make use of them. Many schools and community groups are happy to receive working electronic items. Schools, for example, often are very appreciative to receive donated computers, peripherals, and monitors. There are even tax incentives built into the Taxpayer Relief Act of 1997 for companies to donate such items to schools. Cell phones are another item that many community organizations love to receive in donation. In addition, there are national organizations that will accept donations of electronic items. Some organizations that accept donations include:

· Electronics Industry Alliance (EIA)

· Computers For Schools

· Another Byte, Inc.

· National Cristina Foundation (NCF)

· Share the Technology

· Educational Assistance Ltd. (EAL)

· The Wireless Foundation

· The 911 Cell Phone Bank

Recycling Unwanted Electronic Gadgets

If reuse through donation is not an option there are numerous programs for recycling unwanted electronic items. Many municipalities will have special days at their landfill or transfer station where these items will be accepted for recycling. There may be a fee associated with these programs.

In addition, many major manufacturers of common electronic items will accept them for recycling, including Acer, Apple, Dell, Epson, Gateway, Hewlett-Packard, Lenovo/IBM, Panasonic, Sony, and Toshiba. Many major retailers also have recycling programs, including Best Buy, Circuit City, Office Depot, and Staples.

For cellular phones, many cell phone manufacturers, and all of the major wireless companies provide recycling programs for cell phones. Most of the programs will accept anyone’s cell phones for recycling.

A Word About Recycling Batteries

General purpose and alkaline batteries are not considered to be hazardous waste by the US Government. These items may be disposed of with normal household waste except in California where non-households must dispose of them in accordance with the California Universal Waste Rules. Recycling programs for general purpose and alkaline batteries are rare.

Rechargeable batteries may be recycled for free. You may find a list of organizations that accept rechargeable batteries at the Rechargeable Battery Recycling Corporation.

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March 19th, 2009 No comments
Abhishek Agarwal asked:

If you are intrigued by electronic gadgets and are keen on more than just using them, then you will probably be enthusiastic about radio-controlled hobby. If its designing and assembling of electronic devices that draws you, then you should perhaps choose RC models, whereas if it’s the wireless transmission that fascinates you and you want to make communication contacts with people all over the world, then ham would be a better bet for you.

Very often these overlap and almost all ham operators know how to work radio-controlled gadgets and vice versa. This is because they are drawn to anything concerning radio waves. The Internet is the best source of information for all radio-controlled hobbies. All the material and knowledge you may need on this hobby is available on the net. But unlike amateur radio that is a topic widely searched for on the net, information on RC models and more importantly their enthusiast groups is just a little more tricky than you would think. Usually if you try searching for remote controlled toys on a search engine, you’re most likely to get results on hobby grade or toy grade models.

But this doesn’t mean there is absolutely no information on the subject on the internet. More often than not, it is just a matter of the correct keyword. Another way is to hook up to online forums and communities, which is a great way of connecting to people who have similar interests. You can find a number of groups on yahoo, AOL, google and MSN for this purpose. Apart from these, there are also online communities as well as friend network sites and blogs. The best thing to do would be to find people who are close to where you live and also who share activities related to your hobby. But it is advisable that you do not reveal personal information and details unless you are certain that it is safe.

The advantage of searching online is that space and distance are not restrictions. You might even meet experienced hobbyists who can offer you help and assistance when it comes to making a decision about your hobby. The added advantage is that they can even teach you a thing or two. Information online is abundant and you must be able to systematically track down what it is that you want to find out. You could start by searching on the history of your hobby and move on to more current and relevant issues of contemporary nature concerned with it.

You must be clear on how much time you want to spend on your interest. Time is a necessity when it comes to pursuing radio-controlled hobbies in a serious manner. You will need enough time at hand if you want to pursue the amateur radio hobby. The same holds good for RC hobbies dealing with toys and other gadgets.

It goes without mention that financial investment is of vital importance. Infact it is the crossing where you go from an aspiring radio hobbyist to a real radio hobbyist. Amateur radio sets usually come in ready to use form. The more expensive a model, the better its quality and range is. Similarly, the latest and most updated RC models will need a substantial investment.

Duracell Akkus Enhance Durability of Electronic Gadgets

March 7th, 2009 No comments
Article Manager asked:

In this new era of technology, one can hardly imagine to live a life without electronic gadgets. In other words, a household cannot run without electronic tools include cameras, mobile phones, MP3 players, laptop, radios and the list goes on and on. To operating these gadgets, one thing is very essential and it is power and akkus is the main source of power for these gadgets. It is a fact that with the invention of electronic tools, the invention of akkus is also considered as the most important invention of the time. There are a number of akkus manufacturers available in the market, but if talking about the qualitative range of akkus, only one name comes in mind and that is Duracell, one of the most popular and largest manufacturers of rechargeable as well as alkaline akkus.

Duracell akkus are popular all over the globe and there is a reason behind the popularity of these akkus. They are famous to bear up different climatic conditions all over the world and also extremely consistent and trustworthy. Duracell akkus are also known for their cycle akkus technology. These akkus are widely used for a number of the commercial as well as private and military aircraft flying. As you have read that Duracell akkus come in two forms including rechargeable and alkaline, one of the main advantages of Duracell rechargeable akkus is that you can recharge them more than three hundred times because recharging systems allow cost diminution and power efficiency per akkus. Duracell akkus have significantly enhanced over the years and are now leading the way for camera aficionados who require presentation and consistency.

A Duracell akkus comes in a simple design keeping costs low and delivers a rechargeable akkus capable of meeting the demands of low cost, safety and stability. Duracell akkus are perfect for users who make use of advanced electronic devices for instance digital cameras, gaming devices, MP3 players and so on. Duracell Laptop akkus are specifically designed for each laptop brand and model. Duracell akkus currently provides the best performance for notebook computer, iPod, or iPhone. This standard akkus technology is also used in many other devices. Getting Duracell akkus is extremely simple, if you purchase through the internet because there are a number of online stores available over the internet who offer you akkus at affordable rates with detailed information about use and features.

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Latest Electronic Gadgets

February 28th, 2009 No comments
Bill Pratt asked:

Because of the advancement in computer technology and the development in electronic over the past years, this has given the popularity for the electronic gadgets. The latest gadgets that were introduced and become known are iPods, digicams, cell phones and laptops and other gadgets.

The introduction of the production like Nike + iPod which is a gadget mixed with the functionality of handy music player and a pedometer. In fact, these are the equipments that most joggers and runners utilized for so many years. But the melding of these items brought a more advantageous usage of a mere pedometer and iPod.

Handheld gadgets are acknowledge as necessary items to anyone and will not easily be left behind. Cell phone is not the only electronic device that can perform certain functionalities. Over time, there are newer devices that are coming out and these are digital organizers, digicams as well as GPS receivers. Before, these items are considered luxury, but recently we may observe that these devices became common necessities for all.

The popularity of electronic devices is never going to fade, and you have the choice to join the fad or just recline from it and let the chance of getting the latest gadgets pass you by. Getting the latest items is trying to create a state for you. This is when you decide to change trends, get the best that is available and not letting others to be ahead of you. With the availability of gadgets over the internet and in the market, there is no chance that you will be ahead and receive the best.

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Consumer Electronics: Making our Lives Comfortable

February 27th, 2009 No comments
Jacob Marshal asked:

The consumer electronic products are becoming popular as they offer some sophisticated features that are useful to us in our day to day lives. Some of the products not only entertain us but also make our work easier.

Electronic products have bought a lot of comfort and convenience in our lives. The electronic products popular these days include television, digital camera and accessories, DVD recorders, computers and other household electronics. With the changing technology, the world is also developing. Every now and then, there are new inventions and new products are being created. The field of consumer electronics is always going through some developments. More and more products are always coming up in the market. The demand for the latest gadgets is increasing day by day.

Consumer electronics has become such a major part of our lives that we cannot imagine life without these products. The technology is developing with a fast pace and this has resulted into rise of multitude of electronic products. At the same time, the consumers need be updated with the information on the latest devices and technologies so that they can get maximum benefits from them. The world of consumer electronics is rapidly growing and more and more gadgets are hitting the market.

Bringing a revolution in our lives, these electronic devices have made us dependent on them. Some of the popular electronic items include gaming consoles, mobile phones and music players. These high quality products are preferred by consumers worldwide as they are tools of entertainment as well as useful devices.

The popular brands like Sony, LG, Samsung and Philips are coming up with some of the best products. After every six months, one can see an upgraded model of these electronic devices. So, the user starts feeling that his product is outdated. Apart from using these products for everyday functions, these can be used for our interest and entertainment.

A popular means of entertainment as well as useful device is mobile phone. More than just communicating, these devices allow the user to use email, access the internet, take pictures and listen to music. Whether you wish to download songs from the internet or share files with friends, you can do it easily from your phone.

With the latest electronic products, one can carry out various tasks easily and comfortably. Browse through the online websites and find multitude of consumer electronics with lots of brands. The trend of comparison shopping is becoming popular. Comparing products based on their features is becoming easier. Buying electronic gadgets online gives you an opportunity to find a great variety of products online under one roof. One can easily find their specifications or search for a product recently launched in the market. Research as much as possible and take your time to compare products and prices. You do not have to spend your time going all the way to a store.

Electronic gadgets like digital camera and accessories are lightweight and compact and let us capture our special memories. The fast developing world is rapidly changing technology and lifestyles. The demand for latest electronic devices has increased tremendously. The latest brands are offering various entertainment and communication gadgets for the consumers.

Review a wide selection of products and find special offers and discounts with the best deals. Take advantage of the benefits offered online.

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Hottest Electronic Gadgets

February 15th, 2009 No comments
Michael asked:

The word gadget, as we know can be referred to simple electronic devices famous for their specific or multiple functions. The most attractive function of these gadgets is the access that they offer. Well, talking about gadgets there are various types of gadgets useful in various fields of our lives.

Electronic gadgets are in revolution now days. They are the latest technology used for human welfare. New technique is evolved in whole world every day and today’s man eagerly used them. Based on some recent interactions with their executive team, I discovered that the most radical concepts they could come up with for the new century were the latest electronic. Gadgets, rockets to Mars, web TV and a computer in every classroom

Our lives are cluttered with all sorts of things—clothing; now shaping our world. Electronic gadgets, tools, videos, and antique collections, just a few are here to get remembered. Look ahead from a narrow perspective—one that ignores some of .the most important trends.

The simplicity movement and simplicity circles have grown as a response to a society that seems to be on a continual spending spree time.

Electronic gadgets constitute a huge variety and play a great role in the life of human beings as they help us in making our life easy as well as luxurious too. Recent advancements in technology make one’s life full of hi-tech activities and inspire to step towards the new and modern age.

As for as modern age concerned, all the people of this age always ready with hop position to get good electronic items.


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Vtech VT-LS6115-2 DECT6.0 Digital 2HS

February 7th, 2009 No comments
VTech LS6115-2 - Cordless phone w/ call waiting caller ID - DECT 6.0 + 1 additional handset(s)
Product VTech LS6115-2 – Cordless phone w/ call waiting caller ID – DECT 6.0 + 1 additional handset(s)
Manufacturer Vtech
List Price $64.07
Product Description
LS6115-2 is the two handset cordless phone system with caller ID and handset speakerphone.