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Samsung SPF-71E 7-Inch Digital Photo Frame (Black)

August 23rd, 2009 No comments
Samsung SPF-71E 7-Inch Digital Photo Frame (Black)
Product Samsung SPF-71E 7-Inch Digital Photo Frame (Black)
Manufacturer Samsung IT
List Price $79.99
Price $39.99
Used Price $39.99
Product Description


Samsung SPF-85H 8-Inch Digital Photo Frame UbiSync USB Mini-PC Monitor w/1GB Internal Memory (Black)

July 18th, 2009 No comments
Samsung SPF-85H 8-Inch Digital Photo Frame UbiSync USB Mini-PC Monitor w/1GB Internal Memory (Black)
Product Samsung SPF-85H 8-Inch Digital Photo Frame UbiSync USB Mini-PC Monitor w/1GB Internal Memory (Black)
Manufacturer Samsung
List Price $149.99
Price $79.99
Product Description
The Samsung SPF-85H 8-Inch digital photo frame provides stunning 800×600 high resolution images with an elegant glossy black bezel. The photo frame features Samsung exclusive features like UbiSync technology that allows you to use your photo frame as a USB mini-PC monitor, so you can run your Instant Messanger, media player, or a mini-web browser in the frame and Starlight Touch Button Control for easy menu navigation through innovative touch sensitive light up buttons. The SPF-85H also includes 1GB of internal memory, an energy saving auto on/off feature, and support for common memory cards including SD, MMC, MS, XD, and USB memory stick. It makes a great affordable gift for holidays, anniversaries, or any other special occasion. Your digital photos set free. With the Samsung SPF-85H digital photo frame, its not hard to imagine.


Gadget Gifts are not Just for Boys

February 20th, 2009 No comments
Alice Duong asked:

When we think of gadgets, we tend to think of boys toys, electronic gadgets, geek toys and so forth. Gadgets and gizmos have traditionally been favorite gift items that one would buy for a guy. However, it has become increasingly popular for many women to be into gadgets especially ones that are practical, useful and enjoyable. Here are my top 5.

Digital Photo Frames and Keyrings

These are very popular gadget gifts among women in particular mothers, newly weds and grandmothers where they can proudly display pictures of children, wedding photos etc….The introduction of digital photo frames into the marketplace have transformed our lives to the extent that we no longer have our treasured memories hidden away in the closet. Now with digital picture frames you can display not one, but dozens of pictures through a single picture frame. Even better, with a multi-functional digital photo frame, you can play video clips taken from your digital camera and MP3s. The digital keyring is a similar concept except that you don’t get the music and video function, but the added advantage of the keyring is that instead of carrying one or two precious photos of your loved one in your wallet or purse, you can have many photos beautifully displayed and carried with you at all times.


Many women, myself included love cushions and you can imagine my excitement when I first came across the i-Cushion. Following on from the hugely successful T-Equalizer T-shirts, the makers have taken their EL graphic equalizer into the household. The i-Cushion is perfect for the home and combines both style and innovation. When activated and positioned in earshot of a stereo, the dancing people comes to life!

i-CY Electronic Musical Penguin

It is without a doubt that the penguin is the coolest animal even if you have not seen the movie Happy Feet. The i-CY Electronic Musical Penguin is a speaker that can hook up to your MP3 player, ipod and most portable and non-portable music players. Depending on the kind of music you play, i-CY bops, wiggles, and light up – her movements and lights will change accordingly. Watch her happy feet dance to the beat. One really needs to see this gadget in action to do it justice.

Sun Jar

This is truly a wonderful eco-friendly product! Jam jar stores jam, but this Sun Jar collects and stores sun-shine so that you can use it at night. Originally designed by Tobias Wong, this masterpiece of a jar is ingenious. The idea is to leave the jar either outside, near the window or under some good artificial light, to collect energy from the sun throughout the day via the solar cell. When it turns dark, the jar gives a warm ambient and relaxing glow. It’s a feel good factor for the ecologist in you and not to mention a money saving device so out with the candles and in with the jar! This great gadget was awarded the Gift of the Year Award 2007 in the UK.


Relatively new in the USA is the Mopod, a cell phone accessory that all women and girls are bound to find fascinating. Forget about annoying ring tones, simply attach a MoPod to your bag, belt, clothing, key rings or even your cell phone itself and these cute Mopods will flash, turn and spin when your cell phone receives a call. They make a cute accessory which is both unique and different. The only one snag is that Mopods currently works on GSM networks but I understand that the CDMA technology is being developed and should be available in the future. Costing a mere $10, this is truly a nice and inexpensive gizmo and makes a unique gift.

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Hannspree SD7021 7″ Digital Photo Frame – 16:9, 480×234, 500:1, USB, SD, SDHC, MMC, MS Pro Compatible

February 10th, 2009 No comments
Hannspree SD7021 7-Inch Digital Photo Frame (Black)
Product Hannspree SD7021 7-Inch Digital Photo Frame (Black)
Manufacturer Hannspree California, Inc.
List Price $49.99
Price $31.99
Product Description
Hannspree’s 7-inch Digital Photo Frame Widescreen LCD delivers stunning picture quality, displays JPEG photos, 3-in-1 memory card reader, landscape or portrait mode, create slideshows with transition effects, adjustable stand, pivot, 8MB internal memory, alarm clock, perpetual calendar aspect ratio 16:9, resolution 480×234 brightness 200cd.m contrast ratio 500:1 viewing angle 160/160 black