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Electronic Gadgets Famous to Teens

March 26th, 2009 No comments
Sushil Kumar Singh Raghav asked:

I know from experience that my teen wants every electronic gadget that is out there. There are so many to chose from and they are so similar even. There are just different makers and they look slightly different. One popular gadget is the iPod, this being popular with teens, adults, children, everyone. My daughter has been begging for one of these, this also being one of the more expensive gadgets to buy and the one that I would be most upset about if she lost! The iPod being great though because of the capability to load tons of music onto it and take it everywhere. But again, the easiest one to be lost or stolen.

Another gadget that teens want are cell phones, I’ve already given in and bought one for my daughter. She now wants one that takes pictures and has Internet capabilities. I have not gone that far yet, however having a cell phone is the ideal teen item. All teens want one and so many already have one even. The pricing plans vary and my daughter so far has stayed within her minutes. We added her to our family talk plan, so the increased cost wasn’t too much, compared to getting a completely separate line. The phone a lot of times can be received for free through your cell phone provider to further cut the cost of getting your teen a cell phone. All teens want and I think parents too, is the Nintendo DS and the Game-boy Advance.

My daughter has both of these, every teen wants one of these because they are able to link the games up to other users and then text message back and forth and play games together. Also, Nintendo Dogs and Nintendo Cats is still the most popular games out there for these hand held, portable game systems. Teens want these because if they don’t have a cell phone or can not use one at school they can use these to text message, draw pictures to one another, and play the games against each other. These are small, but expensive and so are the games.

But the graphics are really good and the cases come in different colors and there are lots of accessories to go with the game systems. lastly, teens definitely want the Nintendo Wii, PlayStation 3, or the X-Box. The systems are much more expensive, even more so than a cell phone. But, they can play DVDs on all three, so if you do not have a DVD player you could always use one of these game systems as one. Every teen wants these, especially the Wii, because of the inter-activeness of the system and the very cool games that offered.

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