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Electronic Gadgets Help Children To Learn

March 27th, 2009 No comments
Jim Brown asked:

In the past, parents relied on chalk boards and pens and paper to teach their children the alphabet. With the help of electronic gadgets, a parent can now teach a young child so much more. Children have a variety of things that they can study on their own and only require the help of a parent when they need a machine turned on. These electronic gadgets have helped children prepare for school and many are ready to learn more when school is in session for the first time.

Some of the electronic gadgets that help children learn will operate through a video game system in the home. The teacher in these videos is usually an animated character that is sure to fascinate children and keep their attention trained on their studies for an hour or two. A child can be guided by a digital character on the television screen and that character will be waiting when a child gets up from a nap.

Some of the digital tools that parents can use to train a child are push button, hand held games that a child can use in the back seat of a car. These electronic gadgets are perfect for long road trips because a child is entertained with the programming on these devices. The electronic cards can be quickly changed out and another amusement can be started without any inconvenience at all.

Some electronic gadgets teach children to learn by using multiple choice test questions. This is the method that is most often used in schools and will serve to familiarize the child to testing in schools. By the time a child enters school for the first time they are better adjusted to a learning environment and view school as a fun place where exciting things are learned.

Some children learn to tell time with the help of an electronic clock. Many of these clocks are placed in plastics that are formed like characters like rabbits, turtles, and bears. These electronic gadgets teach kids to be responsible and to be punctual. A child also gets a chance to practice using electronic devices because they need to set the time that they wake up each morning.

Some kids like electronic gadgets because they are amusing. There are many forms of entertainment that use some sort of electronic device to operate them. Children can play outside and learn how to steer wireless automobiles that require a electronic chip to make them do tricks. While a child might learn the basics of driving an auto while using these electronic devices, they are also learning some quick responses because these vehicles do not always respond as someone might expect them too.

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Protect Your In-car Gadgets and Save a Packet

March 20th, 2009 No comments
Simon Christopher asked:

Metropolitan Police statistics from 2007 show that gadgets like sat nav units and mobile phones have become big money for car thieves. And with harder financial times ahead for many, this area of crime is likely to increase.

According to those figures, theft of sat navs from vehicles rose 154% between April 2006 and April 2007 – that’s more than double. And sat navs aren’t the only gadgets attracting thieves to your car. MP3 players, DVD players and digital cameras are among the items most often reported stolen from vehicles.

The worst part of losing your sat nav or DVD player from your car is that it will usually end up costing you far more than just the cost of replacing the gadget. You’ll also be paying for the cost of repairing broken windows or popped locks, or however the thief gained entry to your car. If you make a claim against your car insurancepolicy for the repairs and replacement, you could lose your no claims bonus and may face higher premiums for years to come.

Knowing all this, you’d think that the savvy driver would take measures to avoid putting out a welcome mat for thieves, but surveys point to the opposite. An industry survey showed that an incredible 96% of drivers regularly leave their electronic gadgets in their cars when they park them. As if that’s not bad enough, an unbelievable 1 of every 3 drivers surveyed admitted that they leave their gadgets in full view inside their vehicle. The results? An incredible 21% of drivers surveyed – more than one in every five – have had at least one electronic gadget stolen from their vehicle.

Mobile phones, sat navs, MP3 players and other electronics are a veritable treasure trove for today’s brand of thieves. They’re often left in full view on the front seat or dash of a car. It’s only a matter of seconds for an opportunist to break a window and be off with your sat nav tucked into a pocket or under a shirt. Those goodies are easy to steal and easy to sell off, since they’re in such high demand.

Save Your Sat Nav – And Some Cash

One UK car insurer isn’t taking the situation laying down. At, the UK’s only completely online insurance company, they’ve added a new cover option to their car insurance. For a small extra premium of around £30, you can purchase gadget cover when you purchase their car insurance. The small gadgets cover will replace your in-car items if they’re stolen from your car or damaged accidentally. That’s a cheap price to pay to cover hundreds of pounds worth of equipment that you might use every day.

The small gadgets cover from will cover items like mobile phones, PDAs, satellite navigation systems, MP3 players, safety camera locators, portable games consoles, digital cameras, camcorders and portable DVD players.

Of course, the best form of protection is prevention. Before you get out of your car, make it a practice to pick up any gadgets on your dash or seats and stow them in the glove box or the boot. That one simple habit can reduce your chances of being a smash-and-grab target dramatically.

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