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Wireless Extenders Cell Phone Signal Booster Dual Band YX510 PCS/CEL

Wireless Extenders YX510-PCS-CEL Dual-Band Cell Phone-Signal Booster
Product Wireless Extenders YX510-PCS-CEL Dual-Band Cell Phone-Signal Booster
Manufacturer Wireless Extenders
List Price $399.00
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Product Description
Satisfy all your cellular phone needs with the Wireless Extenders YX510-PCS/CEL zBoost zP Wireless Booster, which works with both cellular frequencies (800 and 1900 MHz) and can extend cellular coverage up to 2500 square feet. This unit can handle signals from all the major cellular carriers, including AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon, and Alltel. The package includes everything you need: amplifier base unit, power supply, base unit antenna, low-loss SATV coaxial cable (RG6), signal antenna and mounting hardware. The omni-directional signal antenna receives signals from multiple cell towers.

Improve your cell signal with the dual-band YX510-PCS/CEL–perfect for boosting the signal of AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon frequencies up to 2500 square feet.

Using a revolutionary, patent pending technology that protects the carrier network, the YX300 improves indoor cell phone coverage by capturing and repeating the outside signal, bringing it into the building and enhancing it. This process creates a “Cell Zone” in your home or office. The Wireless Extenders zBoost system includes:

  • Outdoor antenna (repeats the signal) can be installed outdoors above the roofline or indoors in the attic or near a window
  • Coax cable (RG6- ultra low-loss, DBS satellite) connects from the outdoor antenna to the base unit
  • Base unit: Sleekly designed, it amplifies the signal and provides oscillation detection/correction which protects the carrier network using patent-pending technology.
  • Indoor antenna connects to the base unit to repeat the signal and create “Cell Zone”–no physical connection to the phone is needed.

Choosing the best location for installation of the Signal Antenna provides the best performance and the largest area of improved signal. Determine the location that provides the strongest signal using the signal strength indicator on your cell phone. For the best reception, find the location that provides the most bars of signal strength and locate the Signal Antenna at that location.


  • US PCS 1900 MHz band
    • Uplink: 1850 – 1910 MHz
    • Downlink: 1930 – 1990 MHz
  • US Cellular 800/850 MHz band
    • Uplink: 824 – 849 MHz
    • Downlink: 869 – 894 MHz
  • Network formats: CDMA, GSM, TDMA, AMPS, GPRS, EDGE, 1xRTT, EVDO, HSDPA
  • Total Signal Gain: 60dB (adaptive)
  • Output Power: less than 0.5 Watt EiRP (w/ included antenna)
  • Unit weight: 1 pound
  • Unit size: 5 x 7 x 2 inches
  • Power input: 100-120 VAC 60 Hz
  • Power output: 5VDC, 1.5A
  • Signal antenna cable: Outdoor rated 75 ohm DBS satellite coaxial cable, Type-F male
  • Base unit antenna: 50 ohm, TNC male

Note: If you need coverage for only one cellular carrier, check out the YX500/PCS (1900 MHz; Sprint and T-Mobile) or the YX500/CEL (800 MHz; AT&T and Verizon).

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