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Wii Remote and Nunchuck Controller

Wii Remote and Nunchuck Controller
Product Wii Remote and Nunchuck Controller
Manufacturer Nintendo
ASIN B0011DK190
List Price $149.99
Price $45.00
Used Price $46.98
Product Description
Product FeaturesRemote Control:Beams money through Bluetooth up to 30 feet away Used as a remote, operates up to 15 feet away Built-in speaker Rumble Features expansion port for additional input devices, such as the Nunchuk controller Product FeaturesNunchukThe Nunchuk builds on the simplicity of the Wii Remote and goes an extra step to meet the needs of specific types of games. The Nunchuk connects to the Wii Remote at its expansion port and is used in conjunction with the Wii Remote. Along with the analog stick, the motion-sensing Nunchuk also contains two buttons positioned for quick access. Because the Wii Remote and Nunchuk are only relatively dependent on each other, players are free to hold them in whichever hand is most comfortable.*** Due to limited supply of the USA packaged Wii remote, a Japanese packaged one MIGHT be shipped instead. THERE IS NO difference in functionality or looks between the two. The only difference is the packaging of the Wii Remote. Japanese Remote will work with any Wii System or Nunchuck Controller***


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