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Recycling Common Electronic Gadgets

March 30th, 2009 No comments
Rob Pirozzi asked:

by Rob Pirozzi

Modern life is full of electronic gadgets. Cell phones, digital cameras, camcorders, MP3 players, computers, laptops, monitors and more are common in all modern households. These modern electronic devices provide entertainment and help us in many ways. The problem with them is that they wear out or become obsolete, and then we are faced with the challenge of how to dispose of them.

Simply throwing electronic devices in the trash may be 1 option, but it is an option with a significant environmental impact. According to the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), over 200 million tons of electronic waste (e-waste) ends up in landfills every year. The problem with this is that many consumer electronic items contain harmful materials such as lead, mercury, arsenic, cadmium and more. These materials can pollute the land, water, and air. In fact, according to Earth 911, over 70% of toxic waste found in landfills comes from e-waste.

Some items, such as computers and computer monitors, are banned from landfills and curbside trash pickup. In some states and municipalities, it is illegal to simply throw away such items. So the challenge is twofold, how to dispose of properly to comply with applicable laws, or how to dispose of properly because it is the environmentally responsible thing to do.

Most people are familiar with the recycling of cans, glass, paper, and plastic. They either take it to designated recycling centers at their landfill, or transfer station, or they are picked up through curbside recycling efforts. When it comes to recycling our electronic gadgets, the task becomes significantly more difficult. Unlike cans, paper, plastic, and glass, there is typically not curbside recycling for electronic devices. You also typically cannot simply take such items and leave them at the landfill or transfer station. Thus, recycling our gadgets requires some thought and effort. It is important to know your recycling options for common electronic items.

Reuse Electronic Devices through Donation

An excellent option for electronic gadgets that are still in working order is to donate them to someone who can make use of them. Many schools and community groups are happy to receive working electronic items. Schools, for example, often are very appreciative to receive donated computers, peripherals, and monitors. There are even tax incentives built into the Taxpayer Relief Act of 1997 for companies to donate such items to schools. Cell phones are another item that many community organizations love to receive in donation. In addition, there are national organizations that will accept donations of electronic items. Some organizations that accept donations include:

· Electronics Industry Alliance (EIA)

· Computers For Schools

· Another Byte, Inc.

· National Cristina Foundation (NCF)

· Share the Technology

· Educational Assistance Ltd. (EAL)

· The Wireless Foundation

· The 911 Cell Phone Bank

Recycling Unwanted Electronic Gadgets

If reuse through donation is not an option there are numerous programs for recycling unwanted electronic items. Many municipalities will have special days at their landfill or transfer station where these items will be accepted for recycling. There may be a fee associated with these programs.

In addition, many major manufacturers of common electronic items will accept them for recycling, including Acer, Apple, Dell, Epson, Gateway, Hewlett-Packard, Lenovo/IBM, Panasonic, Sony, and Toshiba. Many major retailers also have recycling programs, including Best Buy, Circuit City, Office Depot, and Staples.

For cellular phones, many cell phone manufacturers, and all of the major wireless companies provide recycling programs for cell phones. Most of the programs will accept anyone’s cell phones for recycling.

A Word About Recycling Batteries

General purpose and alkaline batteries are not considered to be hazardous waste by the US Government. These items may be disposed of with normal household waste except in California where non-households must dispose of them in accordance with the California Universal Waste Rules. Recycling programs for general purpose and alkaline batteries are rare.

Rechargeable batteries may be recycled for free. You may find a list of organizations that accept rechargeable batteries at the Rechargeable Battery Recycling Corporation.

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Promotional Gadget Generating Higher Customer Response Towards the Company

March 27th, 2009 No comments
Article Manager asked:

Every company spend huge amount of money on marketing and advertising campaign to spread the name of the company far and wide. The marketing strategy of the company are planed in such a manner that company’s name and logo is printed on every item of the company. Various products are selected to distribute among the people bearing the name and message of the company that also act as the promotional product. Hence this concept was originated and it gain immense popularity and more and more companies use this strategy to promote their product and services.

There are plethora’s of items and products that can be customized and gifted to clients and customers and will act as a great source of promotion. Useful promotional products such as promotional gadget increases one customers loyalty and the selection of right promotional gadgets will propagate the message of the company worldwide. There are varieties of promotional gadgets that help a company to build an image and brand recognition. Gifting the right promotional gadget will increase the loyalty of the customers and one can choose the right promotional gadget by keeping in mind few things. One should always choose a promotional gadget that proves to be useful to customers, that has some relations with the business and are good in quality and have attractive look.

Various types of promotional products can be used to publicize one business but it won’t draw as much response of the customers as an expensive promotional product such as electronics gadget can draw.  It is a fact that expensive promotional gadget generates higher customer response towards the company that also do wonders to promote the company on the broad scale. Hottest promotional gadget that is quite popular this year is USB flash drives and other latest technology based gadget. With reduce in price of the electronic gadgets they are more and more considered as the promotional gadget. 

Other high technology based promotional gadgets includes SIM card reader, mobile phone kits with battery charger and earpieces, mobile holders and cradles, which are imprinted with company’s name and message. Promotional gadget are used at trade fairs, exhibitions, seminars, where they draw huge attention of associated clients and this certainly help one to increase the goodwill of the company among the clients and customers. Brand name imprinted on these promotional gadget always remind the recipient of the company and if ever required it will tempt the customers to take the service of the company which has gifted them such an expensive gadget. There are varieties of promotional gadgets that help a company to build an image and brand recognition.

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Electronic Gadgets Help Children To Learn

March 27th, 2009 No comments
Jim Brown asked:

In the past, parents relied on chalk boards and pens and paper to teach their children the alphabet. With the help of electronic gadgets, a parent can now teach a young child so much more. Children have a variety of things that they can study on their own and only require the help of a parent when they need a machine turned on. These electronic gadgets have helped children prepare for school and many are ready to learn more when school is in session for the first time.

Some of the electronic gadgets that help children learn will operate through a video game system in the home. The teacher in these videos is usually an animated character that is sure to fascinate children and keep their attention trained on their studies for an hour or two. A child can be guided by a digital character on the television screen and that character will be waiting when a child gets up from a nap.

Some of the digital tools that parents can use to train a child are push button, hand held games that a child can use in the back seat of a car. These electronic gadgets are perfect for long road trips because a child is entertained with the programming on these devices. The electronic cards can be quickly changed out and another amusement can be started without any inconvenience at all.

Some electronic gadgets teach children to learn by using multiple choice test questions. This is the method that is most often used in schools and will serve to familiarize the child to testing in schools. By the time a child enters school for the first time they are better adjusted to a learning environment and view school as a fun place where exciting things are learned.

Some children learn to tell time with the help of an electronic clock. Many of these clocks are placed in plastics that are formed like characters like rabbits, turtles, and bears. These electronic gadgets teach kids to be responsible and to be punctual. A child also gets a chance to practice using electronic devices because they need to set the time that they wake up each morning.

Some kids like electronic gadgets because they are amusing. There are many forms of entertainment that use some sort of electronic device to operate them. Children can play outside and learn how to steer wireless automobiles that require a electronic chip to make them do tricks. While a child might learn the basics of driving an auto while using these electronic devices, they are also learning some quick responses because these vehicles do not always respond as someone might expect them too.

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Advantages of Buying the Latest Electronic Gadgets Online

March 24th, 2009 No comments
Pooja Lapasia asked:

Our work has been simplified and eased by the use of electronic gadgets. These gadgets have been made to suit our requirements and work in tune of our needs. The latest gadgets are introduced in the entertainment segment and newer technologies and designs are being incorporated. These latest devices offer enhanced experience, greater durability and extended performance. There are some latest popular gadgets in the market from different categories which serve different purposes.


The talked about gadget in storage devices is the portable flash based hard disks. These types of hard disks typically store about 80-160 GB of memory. They are easily connected through USB connections and are lightweight and easy to carry around. You can buy them online where you can choose from several brands and sellers. Most of the branded electronic gadgets have warranty with them and shopping for them online saves your efforts. The latest mobile phone in the market is the Apple iPhone which has created quiet a stir among people. You can get the 16GB iPhone or the 8GB iPhone online as you can escape the rush at the retailers.


Laptops are also immensely popular gadgets and newer advancements are introduced in this category. The laptops are being made available to all; there are brands that are selling laptops for as low as Rs. 20,000. Newer laptops are being constantly introduced in the market and they are faster put up in the online stores. If you want to be in sync with the latest products you can easily shop for them online and get it ahead of retailers. Many electronic gadgets are first introduced in USA or European markets, if you shop online then you can avail them with some shipping charges.


Mp3 players have been in the forefront in latest electronic gadgets. The iPod saga has been the show stealer for an mp3 player. There have been other players in the market which also had a commendable share in the pie. As you are familiar with the brand and trust their make, you can order the player online from any popular online shopping based website i.e . The websites ship in 3-4 working days and ease your shopping. You can get wide variety of options to choose from and can get the one that suits your budget and meets your requirement. While shopping online you can get all the facts about the product and also get reviews on it. This will save you from being lured into a buy and you can get the best out of your purchase.

Shopping Tips for the Latest Gadgets and Gifts

March 24th, 2009 No comments
Jeremy Thompson asked:

It is that time of year again. Everybody is getting ready for the holidays and deciding what presents and gifts they want to get their family and friends. I know some of you out there might find it hard to know what to get everybody on your list.

I have a few tips for you which will make shopping a little easier this year. If you are going to be being any electronics or other gadget type gift then you definitely do not what to miss this article. I have important tips you need to know about when buying the latest gadgets.

First off start your holiday shopping early. It does not matter how early in the year it is. You can start buying presents and gifts for loved one right after the holidays and Christmas when everything goes on sell. This is a great time to find awesome deals.

One word of caution here though. This is not a good time to buy the latest electronic gadgets like digital camera or computers. Electronics like these are changing so fast with new models coming out and prices on old models dropping what seems like everyday. What seems like a great price on a digital camera now might not be such a great price 8 months later when you are ready to give the camera to that special person. Now for non-electronic gifts anytime is a great time to get them. Gifts like decorations, clothes, classic CDs and DVDs are great to buy way a head of time.

Step two is to write down any items you hear a family member or friend mention they would like to have. If it is early enough in the year then you can even ask them questions about that item without them thinking you might purchase it for them. Try that a month before Christmas and see if they are a little suspicious. Keep this list someplace secret and convenient and simply add to it over the year. This list will come in handy for birthdays as well.

Step three is designating an area someplace to keep all the gifts and presents you buy early. It can be a closet or box tucked away someplace where the people who the gifts are for never look or use. Also make sure and keep all receipts organized in case you need to return something.

Step four is finding gifts for those hard to buy for people. In this case get them something fun and unique. Buying gadgets and other off the wall items is great for these types of people. When I say gadgets I do not mean items like digital cameras and computers. I’m talking about RC floating snack trays, kitchen gadgets like a pop-up hotdog cooker or a self stirring mug. They are sure to love those unique gifts.

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Tips to Choose your Next Electronic Gadget

March 20th, 2009 No comments
Elhusseiny Shahin asked:

There are many cool electronic gadgets on the market, not all of those are ideal for daily uses, I will give you some information on how to select a good electronic gadget that perfect for your daily uses.

Something like mp3 player will be a very good gadget for your daily uses. By that player you can enjoy your music anywhere and anytime, let your digital mp3 player do everything for your enjoyment. The mp3 player should be small and with a light weight. It is always a great idea for th next gadget.

You next mp3 player can be combined with sunglasses to add a very cool function for your sunglasses, by this great gadget you can protect your eyes while enjoying your favorite music and songs, it is really a cool gadget for your enjoyment, I recommend you to try one of those.

Another gadget that will make you feel good is the mp4 player watch, which can easily play a complete film, only by your mp4 watch you can watch a complete film anywhere, it is very exciting gadget, You can also use it to play your personal clips, songs etc..

The last one I will mention here is the photo frame, it works like magic to display your photo with high resolution, it can compatible with TVs, DVDs, PCs, Laptops and other electronic equipments, take your time to find another cool gadget for the the next buy.

I suggest you to search for these cool gadgets online. Nowadays, it is very simple to do shopping online.

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The Definition of Gadget?

March 6th, 2009 No comments
Elhusseiny Shahin asked:

GADGET, what is the meaning of this word? well, this word refers to any electronic device that has a very specific function as voice recording, music playing, video playing, photo displaying, surveillance, etc. The great thing here is you can access these electronic gadgets anywhere, anytime.

I will talk about some of these gadgets, what are their jobs and how you can enjoy them.

Audio Gadgets, gadgets that help you listening to your favorite music anywhere, it is very small, lightweight and smart device that can play any type of music in all formats, mp3, wav, wma, etc. Audio gadgets may be a mp3 player with some kinds of flash memories, 256mb, 512mb, 1gb, 2gb, it even may be 20gb, according to your needs you will find your favorite one.MP3 player may be included in another stuff like sunglasses, it is very good for people who have active lifestyle. It also may be included with watches, pens and digital cameras.

Ipods, they are perfect gadgets for personal uses, they are perfect with music and recording functions, they also have other options like FM radio, E-book functions, voice recording, they have great models according to the flash memory. they can play all types of music, with some models, they can play videos, display pictures.

Video Gadgets, gadgets to enjoy your time, by these gadgets you can watch your favorite videos and display/share your personal photos. MP4 player is one of those gadgets which allow you to watch your films, video clips, personal recordings and even play games. It should supports all video and photo files, it should has a high resolution screen for good displaying.

Camera Gadgets, like wireless internet cameras, surveillance cameras, sunglasses cameras, etc. With some models of wireless internet cameras, you can access the camera from anywhere, at anytime by using the IP address, it is very good idea to try a something like that.

This was a very short description about some of cool gadgets, I try to provide you some information on haw you can benefit from electronic gadgets. There are great gadgets available now, they are created to have better life, search to find.

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Gadget Christmas Cheer Without Breaking the Bank

March 5th, 2009 No comments
David Amerland asked:


Christmas is an expensive time of the year. It is even more expensive this year because everything has gone up there are huge uncertainties concerning the economy and there are added pressures concerning jobs. Yet there is still the need to get some cool Christmas presents (which means electronic gadgets) and make sure that every dollar you spend stretches as fast as possible.

This means that when it comes to having cool top-quality cell phones, MP3 players, Bluetooth Headsets or even cost-effective PC accessories then the web is your best bet.

With so many online electronics retailers competing for your money it’s hard, sometimes, to know exactly what you can do or should do which is why it’s good to look at some of the ways you can separate the sheep from the goats and choose an electronics retailer who can provide high quality and good value.

The signs to look for are the digital equivalent of the everyday shopping experience. When you find an online retailer you think you will want to buy your electronics from look for:

Longevity – how long has the online retailer been in business for? The net is a very unforgiving medium and those who cannot deliver do not long survive.

Breadth of merchandise – if they are only doing a few items the chances are that they are either new or are on the way down. The web makes for diversity and retailers know that. Successful ones have as much choice as possible.

Feedback – have they got any customer feedback? I know this can be faked sometimes but if you are astute and read carefully you can usually spot the real ones from the fakes.

Prices – are their prices realistic? The web is an incredibly competitive marketplace. Online retailers know they have to deliver value as well as quality.

Guarantees – what online guarantees do they offer? Those who trade in tangible goods know they have to provide some kind of warrantee otherwise their customers will not have any peace of mind.

Delivery charges – again if you see the delivery charges being higher than the cost of the goods alarm bells should go off. Online retailers who are not able to guarantee their merchandise often charge more for delivery so they can boost their profit margin. Delivery costs are non-refundable whereas the price you pay for merchandise is.

Returns policy – even the best merchandise occasionally goes wrong, an item can get damaged in transit or there may simply be a bad batch. You should still feel you are able to return it without having to jump through hoops.

Provided you do your homework, check carefully the points mentioned above and email the retailer if you are not sure about anything you should be able to enjoy some great online gadgets for Christmas.

Thriftycomputer is a long-time quality electronics retailer dedicated to providing top gadgets at really good prices. Check them out online and see for yourselves and have a great, budget-stretching Christmas!

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The Best Gadgets Gifts For Men

February 27th, 2009 No comments
Dan Ionescu asked:

Men love to use all kind of tools to repair things, build objects or just to have fun. Gifts for men are especially plentiful with all the wonderful technology that is available right now. Mostly, men like gifts such as fashionable watches, futuristic gadgets, multi-functional cameras, smart shoes that make them look unique and serve a purpose as well.

To choose the best technology present you must know a little about their personality and taste. In the technological world we live in dozens of hot new gadgets hit the market every day. At times you may feel a little mind-boggled at all the electronic devices hitting the shelves, but you have to admit they have made our lives more interesting. By keeping up-to-date on the gadgets market, you can always be the one in your crowd that gets the cool spy or kitchen gizmo way before anyone else you know.

So what kind of devices to offer?

Smart watches

Smart watches are any of a new breed of watches that integrate new technology into the ordinary wrist watch. There is clearly a lot of thought put into the design and functionality of these watches. Smart watches offer advanced features such as automatic time adjustment based on location, customizable watch faces, and access to continually updated content such as news, traffic alerts, weather reports, stock quotes, and sports scores, instant messaging, etc.

Other features to be found on smart watches are: weather information Local traffic updates Entertainment information such as local movie listings.

The watches range in price from $129 for the Fossil Abacus to $725 for a watch designed by Tissot. A very cool brand for sport men is Suunto. Suunto watches incorporate a barometer display, orienteering capabilities, a heart rate monitor, an altimeter and many other displays you would never imagine possible. Digital cameras and many other new gadgets will soon be common in watches. The watches also feature multiple watch faces and automatic time-zone adjustment based on location.

Multi-functional cameras

Digital cameras are revolutionizing the world of home and professional photography, but they are married to memory cards just as traditional cameras are married to film. So don’t forget to buy a memory card as well; you must read the camera information to see what type of card to get. The digital cameras are distinguished by their resolution: how many pixels or picture elements the image sensor contains.

Digital cameras are available in a wide range of prices, from simple point-and-shoot models to high-end professional cameras. It is a good idea to get a camera with more than 5 Mega pixels and a decent zoom (5X or more). Popular camera brands are: Nikon, Sony, Fuji, and Canon.

Compact digital cameras are a good choice for travel when you know that he will want to take a photo every 15 or 20 minutes. The compact digital cameras are designed to provide a moderate feature set, stylish looks, and a tiny, “pocketable” size.

Smart Phones

Smart phones are mobile phones that include applications for checking and receiving e-mail, text messages, and multimedia messaging. They allow the owner to do a lot more than just send textsand make calls.

Long used by corporate travelers to keep up with e-mail and appointments, smart phones are now catching on with consumers. Smart phones are becoming an essential piece of equipment for business people, allowing access to the office from anywhere in the world, providing there’s a signal. This type of phones are quickly outstripping PDAs as employees turn to multifunctional cell phones to stay organized, connected and entertained at home and at work.

Smart phones are available from all the mobile phone operators. They are fitted with more multimedia features such as higher-resolution cameras and onboard music/video players so you must know the needs of the person which will receive the gift to know that phone to choose.

Accessories for a gadget he owns.

You may be surprised at how often they feature new accessories for the gadgets he already own. Laptop battery is a good gift for someone who travels. If the original battery is old he can replace it with the one you have offered and he can use the extra battery as a spare.

For an Mp3 player owner you can get him a solar charger or a pair of speakers. And for a photography maniac you can get a powerful flash or a professional lens.


It seems difficult to find unique gadgets for means they want combination of style and utility.

All kidding aside, these new gadgets may seem like toys, but they also help children learn to live in the technological world that is their future. People everywhere are taking advantage of the new electronic gadgets that have changed the way we live forever.

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Electronic Gadgets – the Perfect Gift Any Day of the Year

February 22nd, 2009 No comments
Anmol Taneja asked:

In today’s technological world, people are rushing to the mall to view the latest electronic gadgets. Who wouldn’t? These gizmos and gadgets, which range from the lightweight mp3 players and mobile phone to the extravagant camcorders and portable DVD players, have become part of everyday life.

Although you may have set your mind on certain electronic gadgets for yourself, buying them as gifts can become a different story. Of course, you have to consider the price for each item you buy.

If you shop around online or in any electronic gadgets marketplace, you will discover that there is a plethora of selection for each kind of gadget. Therefore, before looking for gifts and becoming overwhelmed by your choices, narrow it down to the kind of gadget, whether it may be mp3 players, state-of-the-art remotes, portable audio players or whichever you wish to buy, and then settle on a budget range.

When you have decided on the price range and kind of gadget to buy, determine whether you want the items to be used in the office, at home or for travel.

If you’re going to give gifts for a group and have a budget of less than Rs 1,000 for each, you may consider electronic gadgets such as the Skype Phone,Key Chain Remote,Golf Scope,Robotic Reading Light,USB Massager,and Wristband watch just to name a few.

If you can spare Rs 1,000 more, you can opt for Wireless Car MP3 Transmitter, Ultrasonic Tape Measure, Personal Air Purifier, MP3 Player and many more.

Splurge your money with the trendiest electronic gadgets

If money is not an option for you, buying electronic gadgets can be an easier task. However, you should still narrow down your choices from portables, home use and office use.

For home use, the most sought-after gizmos are PlayStation or Xbox, complete entertainment theatre systems, flat-screen TVs, e-book readers and advanced PDAs.

Choosing electronic gadgets for the office can become tricky since the gifts will depend on how formal your office runs. If your office is like Google Office, which homes hundreds of toys and gadgets for relaxation, you could also choose gadgets for home use. However, if your office has a formal setting, look for gifts that are appropriate for the business needs, like a portable presentation system or a heavy-duty hard drive.

Gadgets that are perfect for travel include spacious hard drivers, portable DVD players, portable PlayStation, the latest mobile phone and the all-time favorite mp3 players.

Regardless of what gift you choose, the receiver will appreciate your gift. Who wouldn’t? Electronic gadgets are the trend of this generation.

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