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How to Sell your New Electronic Gadget

Michael C. Podlesny asked:

I am walking through the store the other day with my wife and notice a little blast from the past, specifically from my childhood. It was a handheld electronic football game. They had one on display to test out, so me being the curious consumer that I am, I want to make sure the game was ok, before I decided to buy it.

So I turned it on, and the game started beeping and playing a tune in that old eighties style of electronic sound my generation got used to. Just like the game I remember, there wasn’t much to it, when you compare it games of today. It has basic functionality with limited playing ability, but boy was it fun.

Kids today wouldn’t even look at that game, but for a whole generation of people that at one time were kids, namely my generation, it is an electronic gadget that I immediately gravitated towards.

Maybe you have an idea for a hot new electronic gadget, or to reinvent one from yester year. Whatever the goal may be there are a variety of ways you can sell them. You should however write down specific steps on what exactly you are trying to accomplish.

Write down your specific target market that your game appeals to. In my experience above, that game appealed to young boys from ages 10 to about 13.

Find out where your target market frequents. This is where you want to concentrate your advertising and marketing efforts. You do not want to waste your time putting your electronic gadget up for sale in a store where very few of your target market members visit, or post online in a category that is not relevant to what the gadget is.

Define what attracts your target market to the product you’re selling. For me it was the fact that the electronic gadget was a way to relive the past. That is exactly how they presented it. It was a game to relive days gone by, and conjure up some good old memories.

Create your promotion, advertising, marketing campaign, and sales pitch around what you have already written above. Whether you are posting an online advertisement, or trying to pitch your idea to a store, you need a clear, professional presentation of what you are selling, and what you are trying accomplish.

Post your online advertisements, set up your displays in the stores and sit back and start taking orders. Well you really won’t sit back, you will be a bit more outgoing and aggressive to get the product out there, but the point is you can now concentrate on selling your product to your target market that you already defined.

There are thousands of electronic gadgets and gizmos on the market today. Some are very helpful and some are fairly worthless. If you have a good product, that is useful for the purpose it was intended, you should have no problems, making lots of sales.

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